Welcome to the Leatherhead & District Chamber of Commerce

The Leatherhead & District Chamber of Commerce represents, supports and promotes our members businesses in our area. With members in Leatherhead, Ashtead and the surrounding areas as well as businesses based further afield, including London, we are a well established group covering a broad spectrum of industries. 

Your Chamber of Commerce….

Affiliated to the Surrey Chamber of Commerce, and an accredited member of the British Chamber of Commerce, we are here to support all local businesses, irrespective of size.

Our Board of Directors are fully committed to ensuring businesses connect and thrive in our area and provide experience, knowledge and advice to all our members; along with a great range of benefits and events.


The Chamber has a greatly varied member base, with businesses covering a whole host of expertise. Sole traders, specialist retailers, National organisations and Global Blue-Chip companies, there are many channels of expertise for our members to draw upon.

Members join the Chamber from many locations not just those in our immediate surrounds.  Businesses from further afield are also attracted to our group. Fully inclusive, we welcome anyone who wishes to conduct business in our area.

Networking and social events are held on a regular basis and we encourage the sharing of our members events too. Our communication with members is regular and strong in order to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their membership. 

Photography credits Andy Newbold / Surrey Life. 

If you research the history of Chamber of Commerce, it begins with the following: “Down through the centuries, perhaps as long as commerce has existed, traders have banded together. In the beginning, perhaps it was for the purpose of seeking common protection against enemies and marauding bands of robbers. Later, codes were established to govern the conduct of trade. And still later, efforts were begun to exert influence on legislative matters”.¬† The beginning of the Trade Association’s movement can be traced back almost 6,000 years to the City of Mari in Mesopotamia. To be continued!

Read our MEMBERSHIP page for more information or EMAIL US to join.

Joining the Chamber is easy, affordable and comes with many benefits. With rates for Local Charities at just £40 and companies with fewer than 10 employees at £70 per year, there really is no better place for your business. 

Along with member – to – member promotions, you automatically become affiliated with the Surrey Chambers of Commerce, which in itself brings additional benefits.

For full details and links to join us please follow the link below.