Chris Webb’s Sahara Trek March 2020

Chamber Member Chris Webb is stepping up the training for the 2020 Sahara Trek, which is a bit hard at this time of year!  The 2020 Trek takes place from 26 March to 7 April.

Chris has told us: “I am trekking in the Sahara Desert to raise funds for St Catherine’s Hospice (Crawley) because of the fantastic work they do in the community.

I have had personal experience, albeit through other people, of the fantastic work that the team at St Catherine’s do. However, it wasn’t until I was talking to someone from there, that I really understood how far out into the community they reach, and it made me want to help them. I generally like to raise money for tangible causes, and this most definitely fits into that category.

St Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley; a local charity with big ambition. St Catherine’s vision is for a world where everyone facing death and bereavement can do so informed, supported and pain free. Their team of experts is there for people in West Sussex and East Surrey when they need support the most, and they rely on donations to be able to offer their pioneering care.

Please donate today and help St Catherine’s be there for people when life comes full circle.

My JustGiving page is HERE – Thank you so much for your support”.

Bottle Giveaway Marks Installation of Water Refill Points

Hundreds of reusable bottles will be given away to passers-by during two events on 13 and 14 February 2020 to mark the installation of water refill point at the Swan Centre in Leatherhead and St Martin’s Walk in Dorking.

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is delighted that the first water refill points are being installed in the district as part of its local environmental initiative, Refill Mole Valley. Together with over 65 local businesses signed up as Refill Stations, where drinking water is freely available. The two bottle fillers will further boost public access to drinking water and ensure that residents and visitors to Dorking and Leatherhead’s shopping centres can fill up their reusable bottles for free.

Representatives from MVDC and partner organisations SES Water and Surrey Environment Partnership will be in attendance at the events to help raise awareness of the wider need to tackle avoidable plastic waste and to give away reusable bottles. The two events will be held from 12pm in the Swan Centre on Thursday 13 February and St Martins Walk on Friday 14 February.

Councillor Claire Malcomson, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “The installation of the first two water refill points in the district is another big step forward in the fight against plastic waste. As part of us declaring a Climate Emergency last year, we have been delighted with the number of local businesses supporting the cause to increase public availability of drinking water by becoming Refill Stations. Please get involved and help us reach out to more businesses with this important message.”

Mike Goodman, Chairman of the Surrey Environment Partnership, said: “We’re committed to eliminating avoidable single-use plastics (SUP) in Surrey and these water refill stations will play a part in that. By encouraging residents to carry their own refillable water cups, we’ll help reduce the volume of SUP waste and counter the damaging effects of producing and dealing with it.”

Alison Murphy, Water Strategy Manager at SES Water, said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Mole Valley District Council to provide two new water refill points in the region. Not only will these bottle fillers provide high-quality drinking water for the general public, but they will also encourage people to reduce their use of single use plastic bottles. Over the last 15 years, the consumption of bottled water has doubled in the UK and of the 13 billion plastic bottles used each year, an estimated 7.7 billion, or nearly 60%, are plastic water bottles. We look forward to working with more organisations and businesses across our supply network to increase the availability of public drinking water.”

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Member Melanie Williams has some exciting news!

“Formerly Rocket Catering, we have rebranded and changed our name.  Many are asking why, and there is one very simple reason.  We wanted to own our asset and trademark our brand. We were unable to do this with Rocket, so we decided to use this opportunity to have a complete rebrand and name change.  We hope you like it!  We also have a fabulous feature in this month’s Darling Magazine which you might be interested to read on our website HERE.” 

Melanie Williams
Executive Head Chef 

01372 800 626

Future Mole Valley (Local Plan 2018-2033)

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has started work on its next Local Plan, ‘Future Mole Valley’. The project will set out plans for land use in the District for the next 15 years; it will include targets for delivering new development as well as setting out those areas which will continue to be protected.

Public consultation on the draft Future Mole Valley Local Plan is due to take place between 3 February and 16 March 2020.

An advance copy of the draft Plan is available to view HERE.

For further information, please visit the Mole Valley District Council website HERE.

Mole Valley District Council Launches its Own News Website

Mole Valley District Council’s new News Site enables residents and businesses to access all of Mole Valley District Council’s updates directly via smartphones in a new, clear and fresh format. Local events which were previously submitted and listed on the main Mole Valley District Council website will now be hosted on the news site too, with enhanced listings including maps and images.


Councillor Hazel Watson, Cabinet Member for Community said: “The News Site will allow residents who are online to find and engage with our updates easily, we look forward to receiving feedback on it. In 2020 we are developing a Digital Strategy and relaunching our main Mole Valley District Council website, too. This main site is where all our Council information is held, where residents can report, pay and apply for services online. The Digital Strategy will improve our digital offer and enhance customer experience across our services. We recognise that residents and businesses want to access information when they need it, not just when our offices are open. For up-to-date news from Mole Valley District Council delivered via email, please subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter. Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year”.

Mole Valley District Council’s dedicated News Website address is

Transform Leatherhead in Conversation

Following the success of Transform Leatherhead’s ‘TL in conversation’ events, our virtual Q&A can be watched online from February 2020. Our team will be answering all the commonly asked questions from our live events on our key projects including transport, the High Street and the Swan Centre.

The team piloted the TL in Conversation live events in October this year with a series of drop-ins around Leatherhead town centre. Hundreds of locals attended to look over the exhibition and chat about what was important to them.

Delayed due to the pre-election period, the Transform Leatherhead team is now able to move forward with the next TL in conversation event – a virtual Q&A. The panel will include Councillor Keira Vyvyan-Robinson, the new Cabinet Member for Projects, and members of the project team.

Featuring questions asked throughout the live events, and any questions sent in to the team in advance, the virtual Q&A can be watched online at from February 2020.

Councillor Keira Vyvan-Robinson, said “I am delighted to join the Transform Leatherhead team at this time. It is important that Transform Leatherhead makes a real and lasting difference to the town and surrounding areas, significantly improving the retail and leisure offering for all. The TL in conversation events proved a great way to reach new audiences within the town and the virtual Q&A will be an ideal extension of that. We will discuss topics such as transport, the Swan Centre redevelopment and the High Street that were asked about during the live events”.